A decade of robotics experience.

Our team has a combined development experience of 15 robots with 8 UAVs, and a combined experience of 25 years of mechatronics experience. Some of our team members have been working on robotics since elementary school, and we're one of the most qualified teams in Urban Autonomous Robotics this side of Texas.

Our Connections

Who we worked with and how we're associated with them.

Red Labs + Owl Spark Accelerator 2021

We entered Red Labs + Owl Spark Accelerator as part of Class 9 in 2021, and presented at the Bayou Startup Showcase in 2021. We first learned about Red Labs by meeting former Red Labs members who had entered into the accelerator, and when our team believed we were ready, we applied to join Class 9. Our year was the first year Red Labs combined their class with Owl Spark Accelerator, so we worked alongside UH, Rice, and A&M students to improve our business model, meet new mentors, and expand our customer base.

You can watch our pitch at https://bayoustartupshowcase.com/ or find out about Red Labs at https://www.linkedin.com/company/uhredlabs 

Cullen College of Engineering, CAPSTONE 21/22

In Q3 and Q4 of 2021, our engineers will be making our Project Alpha part of their Senior Design project here at the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering. We have currently 3 teams, 2 Mechanical Teams, and a combined Mechanical + Electrical Team, to focus solely on improving our Generation 2 platform. For more information on Capstone, please contact the Cullen College of Engineering.

Find out more about Cullen Capstones at https://coogmechanics.wordpress.com/ 

Makerspace @ UH Libraries

A lot of staff met at the Makerspace @ UH Libraries, either through workshops, class assistance, or just hanging out in the space and trading ideas. Our CEO has been working in the makerspace for more than 4 years, and currently helps manage the space. Limited Technologies current occupies the space alongside members of University Drone Pilots for monthly exercises. 

Find out more about the Makerspace at https://libraries.uh.edu/spaces-tech/makerspace/ 

Swarm Robotics Laboratory at UH ECE

Some of our students are embedded at the Swarm Robotics Lab at the Cullen College of Engineering's Electrical and Computer Engineering, under the watch of Dr. Arron Becker. We perform some joint research with the Swarm Robotics Lab, as well as share lab data and test results among each other in mutual respect for roboticists.  

Find out more about the Swarm Robotics Laboratory at https://swarmcontrol.ece.uh.edu/ 

Cescon Group

The Cescon Group is a new research laboratory based out of the University of Houston, specialized in aerial robotic controls. We perform swarm robotics training with the Cescon group, and share code, lab data, and test results between the labs - as well as share a mutual respect in robotics and roboticists. 

Limited Technologies, Inc. 
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