Keeping first responders safe in the 21st century,

Limited Technologies utilizes advanced technologies and a wide experience of unmanned aviation design to bring you robots for ISR in an increasing challenging urban environment. 


US-Developed, American made platforms for urban and suburban operations of the 21st Century.

Project Alpha

Rugged UAV for high stress indoor, outdoor and urban operations

This is our flagship product, and our CAPSTONE project for 2021. A well protected, crash resistant Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed specifically for low light navigation in indoor contested environments, it's the perfect platform to test our VISITR, Low Light Positioning Sensor, and other patentable research. Beta production runs begin in Q3.

KORONE - Research Quadruped Platform

Weather resistant, affordable UGV platform for University research projects

Korone is a UGV platform for research in ROS2 and in Path Planning/Navigation in dense urban terrain. Small enough and light enough to fit on a backpack, while being cost effective enough to operate, it's equipped with our VISITR platform and serves as a testbed for core technologies.


Innovation comes from constant research.

We do a lot of our own internal research to develop and create products and projects.

We work with University Programs to sponsor and assist research programs that we find important or useful.

We do fun projects every now and then to build teamwork and do community outreach.


A startup unlike no other.

Work with our team to directly develop the future of robotics in the first responder community, and develop technology, equipment, scenarios, and other important systems for the future of Robots in the world around us. Internship opportunities are coming as well.

Reach out to us! 

If you're interested in our developments, portfolio, technology, or other research, do not hesitate to email us or contact us below.

Limited Technologies, Inc. 
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